Summer Program Question and Answer Session with Matt Flinn, Vice President Basketball Club of Woodinville.

A Message from Matt,  

We are so excited to be a part of your son’s basketball development journey.  The Future Falcon program is all about development and challenging all Future Falcon players to get better, work hard, learn to enjoy the grind, and support each other while they are part of building a championship High School program.  In this time of unknown we believe we can give our Future Falcon basketball players a purpose, something to achieve, and a way to be connected with a shared vision and goal.  This summer will be different-that is OK!  Each game and opponent we face on the court will be different, basketball players need to be able to adjust.   

Question:  My kid is Zoomed out, do all the workouts have him staring at a computer screen?  Absolutely not.  The Zoom sessions will be used to create a connection between players and coaches.  It will be to go over successes, challenges, discuss the upcoming weeks workouts, to provide direction on what the focus of each workout should be.  There may do some live demonstration and request of the players to mimic or show their understanding by doing the drill.  Also being on a Zoom call for a basketball workout, where you are dribbling and moving, is a LOT different than a Zoom call for a class.  

If gyms become available will the program change?  The short answer is yes.  What does that look like?  I am not sure.  Our ability to be together in a gym is such an unknown that at this time we are focused on providing a tremendous opportunity for our Future Falcon Players to improve their skills at home.  We are committed to adjusting as the opportunity arises just as players are asked to do on the court.

What about using outdoor courts in small groups?  We would love to, the implementation of this is challenging.  For example, if we are allowed to get together in groups of 5 or less, we could theoretically have a coach and 4 kids doing a workout together.  But what happens if we show up at Cottage Lake park and there are already 15 people playing on the court?  We are committed to exploring all opportunities, while maintaining a focus on the health and safety of our players and coaches.  

Are the coaches listed going to be the Select Coaches next year?  Not necessarily.

If baseball/soccer starts up I am not sure my son will be able to participate.  Since the workouts in this program are not based on being at a gym at a specific time, our belief is that each player could find 30-45 minutes 3 times/week to complete the workout, especially since they can be done during the day.  Most of the organized practices and games for other sports happen in the evening.  

Can’t I just wait until there is an open registration for in person training?  Please know that this MAY not happen.  If we get approval to move into a gym or use outside courts our first move will be to modify the current program and offer those options to our current enrollees.

Does my son need a phone to be a part?  Your son will need access to a computer to watch videos, participate in Zoom calls, and download workouts.  There may also be opportunities for your son to share videos of himself doing workouts or challenges.

What if we are going to take a vacation this summer?  Great!  We understand summer is often a time for families to spend time together and get away.

How much do you expect the parents to do?  The workouts are being built so that the player should be able to complete them with minimal parent involvement.  There will of course be some parent involvement, mostly around tech support or allowing them to log in and watch videos through TeamSnap.  Our assumption is that the time commitment will be no more than the time it would take to drive to and from the gym to drop them off and pick them up from in person sessions.  We do of course welcome parents to help their players complete the workouts.  It can be a great experience to do them together.

Why don’t you know how much it is going to cost?  We do know the maximum cost.  The maximum cost for the 15-week program is $200 ($150 for 2019-2020 select players and 3/4 Future Falcon Winter development players).  We run all of our programs pretty lean, but generally if our summer programs make a profit the additional funds get applied to reducing the costs of future programs.  With this being a challenging economic time for many we felt it even more important to offer the program for as little cost as possible.  The way we are doing this is by setting a max price, but once the costs are covered reduce the price for everyone so that the program only breaks even.  For example, if the cost to run the program is $5000 and we had 50 players sign up at $200 each that would be $10,000 in program fees collected.  In a normal year that additional $5000 would be applied to reducing the costs of future programs.  This year however we would be reducing all players fees to $100 to just break even.  

As always if you have any other questions about the program please ask.  My e-mail is

Go Falcons!!