Select Tryouts


What to bring/wear: 

  • Reversible Jersey
  • Basketball with your name on it:  4th – 6th Size 28.5 & 7th – 8th Full Size
  • Water Bottle
  • Great Attitude



  • Who will be doing the evaluations?  The head and assistant coach for each team, coaches from our other teams who are not trying out at that time, and non-parent community members who know basketball and are committed to the success of the Falcon Program.
  • Can I watch tryouts?  No.  Parents will not be allowed to watch tryouts.  We have found kids do better without mom or dad's eyes on them.  There will be only two parents in the gym--our 4thgrade head coach and our program director.
  • How many teams will the program have?  Right now we are committed to having 1 team at each grade level (4th – 8th).  The choice to have two teams will be based on the following:  number of kids who are ready for the commitment and the competition, gym space availability, and coach availability.  With all of these variables it is difficult to determine before tryouts if we will have multiple teams at each grade level.
  • How do you choose coaches?  We evaluate coaches on the following variables:  depth of basketball and coaching knowledge, ability to develop our players at their specific grade level,  ability to create the right environment and tone on the team and in the program, commitment to the long-term success of the Falcon program, and openness to coach the Falcon principles set out by our high school coach.