Future Falcons Fall Plan

Hello Future Falcon Parents,

I wanted to provide you with an update on our current basketball plan for the rest of the year, as our Fall Development session is nearing its end.  

  • November/December:  We are NOT going to be running a basketball specific program during this time.  We have no available gym space and no information on when space might become available.  We will be providing our Future Falcon (and their parents/guardians/siblings) a way to stay active, more to come.  
  • If you would like the coaches to put together a basketball specific development plan for your son please reach out to them.  This plan would not be monitored or implemented by your coach, but it would be a customized plan for your son to do “on their own” focusing on the specific skills your coach believes are the most important for them to build.  
  • January – March:  Our ability to deliver any sort of basketball season lands squarely on our ability to acquire gym space to run practices on a consistent basis.  Northshore school district has not communicated when their facilities will be available to rent, but please know we are 100% ready to go with coaches, tryouts, and practices once we are given the go ahead.    

As always if you have any specific question please reach out.




Vice President Basketball Club of Woodinville