Basketball Club of Woodinville Safe Start Plan

Basketball Club of Woodinville Safe Start Safety Plan

As we focus on development of our Future Falcon Basketball players the health and safety of both our players and coaches. Our Safe Start plan is built to follow the State of Washington Safe Start guidelines in King County, which were recently updated on October 6, 2020. We expect our coaches, players, and families to follow all state and county rules and guidelines related to Covid-19.

Required for everyone: If you do not feel well, have Covid-19 symptoms, a temperature of over 100.4 degrees, or have been in close contact with someone diagnosed with Covid-19 you WILL STAY HOME.

Coach Requirements:

  • Coaches are required to wear a face mask covering both nose and mouth at all times while engaged with the athletes before, during, and after the training sessions. Masks will be provided by the club, if needed.
  • Each coach must take their own temperature prior to heading to a training session and cancel the session or find a replacement coach if they have a temperature of over 100.4 degrees.

    Coach and Player Interaction Requirements:

  • At the beginning of the training session all coaches must make sure players understand the 6-feet-apart-rule and that they should not share basketballs, water bottles, and high fives, during all individual drill work and when on breaks.
  • Per the October 6, 2020 Professional Sports & Other Sporting Activities Guidelines update players are allowed to have “Brief close contact (ex: 3 on 3 drills) is permitted.” Per these guidelines’ kids will be allowed to practice individual skills learned through 1v1, 2v2, and 3v3 drills. Prior to the sharing of basketballs hand sanitizer will be utilized by coaches and players.
  • Coaches will only bring one basketball for their own use when demonstrating drills and techniques. They can’t provide basketballs to others.
  • Coaches will immediately contact a parent and remove a player from the training session if a player shows any signs of illness before or during a training session.

    Players Requirements:

  • Players must bring their own basketball and water bottle to training sessions. No sharing or borrowing.
  • Players need to bring a mask in case it is needed.
  • Players agree to comply, follow and listen to the coach regarding the Safe Start Plan.

    Parent Requirements:

  • Parents are not allowed to remain near or on the court. (This sort of proximity with the players and coach would make it challenging to stay in compliance with the safe start guidelines.)
  • Parents agree to comply, follow, listen to, and support the coach regarding this Safe Start Plan.

    Response to Potential and Verified Case of Covid-19:

  • If there is a potential exposure in-person training will be suspended for those who may have been exposed will be made aware. In-person training for those potentially exposed will not restart until negative results or the CDC guideline have been met with respect to isolation and quarantining.
  • If there is a confirmed exposure or confirmed case in-person training will be suspended, for those who have been exposed, and they will be made aware. In-person training will remain suspended for those exposed until negative test results or the CDC guidelines have been met with respect to isolation and quarantining.

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